Welcoming Cohort 20

Article by Mercedes Valero (Q19)

Along with the celebration of QUEST’s 20th anniversary comes an amazing new cohort, filled with exciting people sure to make QUEST better and ready to tackle the next 20 years alongside all of us. As a member of Cohort 19, I am honored to welcome in the next generation of QUESTees and show the rest of the QUEST just how quality Cohort 20 really is.

Q20 students…

  • Total: 66
  • From the Robert H. Smith School of Business: 29
  • From the A. James Clark School of Engineering: 28
  • From the College of Computer, Natural, and Mathematical Sciences: 12
  • Who have run marathons: at least 2
  • Who are Eagle scouts: at least 4
  • With the last name pronounced “Lee” : 3
  • Who wore bowties to interviews: 0 (But that will change, right Dr. Bailey?)
  • Who mentioned “hovercraft” in the interviews: too many to count!

Percent of…

  • Applicants who used the word “multidisciplinary” on their application: 12%
  • Applicants admitted to the cohort: 44%
  • Males: 51%
  • Females: 49%
  • Q20 students with a first name beginning with “Eric”: 6%
  • Q20 students who are “QUEST legacies”: 5%
  • Q20 students who are majoring in either Finance or Mechanical Engineering: 18%
  • Q20 students who have already joined QUEST’s Facebook group: 83%
  • Q20 students who will be at the 20th Anniversary Celebration: At least 80%

How we helped make Q20…

  • 62 application readers for Q20 applications (Thank you!)
  • 40 interviewers of Q20 candidates (Thank you!)
  • 62% of applicants heard about QUEST through word of mouth

Overall Quality of Q20…

  • Priceless!


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  1. Erica Yingling says:

    I am so excited to be apart of QUEST Cohort 20 and meet so many new interesting students/alumni!

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