Celine Moarkech (Q29)

Celine joined the newsletter during her first year in QUEST and has taken on the editor role during her junior year. Her interests lie in the biotech industry at the crossroads of health sciences and big data. When she’s not writing for QUESTPress or doing school work, she loves to travel and have friends over to cook together. Please feel free to reach out to Celine here!

Kara Eppel (Q29)

Kara is a junior majoring in Accounting and Information Systems. She joined QUESTPress her first year in QUEST and became co-editor during her junior year.
Kara spent Fall 2018 studying abroad in Copenhagen, hiking her way through Scandinavia!

Jacob Wilkowsky (Q19)
Alumni Advisor

Following 2 years as a beat writer and 1 as an editor, Jacob is excited to assume my new role as ‘Alumni Advisor.’ With over 3 years of publications under his belt, he’s hoping to help bring in the next generation of QUESTPress. From what he’s seen from the gang so far, the QUEST community is in for a treat. Check Jacob out in the ‘Alumni Corner.’

Annesha Goswami (Q29)
Staff Writer

Annesha is a junior information systems and operations management double major from Maryland. She has a ton of interests including animal welfare, book club, and business IT. She is originally from Assam, India, a land which has been continuously occupied since the stone ages and is known for its silk and tea.

Matthew Masison (Q27)

Mathew is a senior mechanical engineering student from Maryland. In his spare time, he works as a CAD technician for a professor on campus working on UAV’s. He is also involved in Terps Racing and is a huge Maryland sports fan. If you want to socialize with Matthew, you may have to meet him at the top of the Eppley rock wall – he can often be found hanging out there.

Arianna Minas (Q32)
Staff Writer

Arianna is a sophomore operations management/business analytics & information systems major from Lutherville. She is particularly passionate about using data to solve indecisiveness. Arianna is also passionate about her Greek heritage and is the Treasurer of the Greek Heritage Society Club. If you’re throwing a potluck in College Park, Arianna makes a mean Yemista (Greek stuffed tomatoes and peppers).

Anusha Dixit (Q31)
Staff Writer

Anusha is a sophomore aerospace engineering major from Clarksburg, MD.  Through her work in QUESTPress, Anusha hopes to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s new in the QUEST community. Outside of her studies and involvement in the QUEST community, you can find Anusha collaborating on UMD Loop, UMD’s Hyperloop Team, or tearing it up on the dance floor to classical Indian music or hip-hop.

Christina Giovanazi (Q31)
Staff Writer

Christina is a sophomore finance major with a nonprofit leadership and social innovation minor from Bel Air, MD. Christina’s interests in the nonprofit/corporate social responsibility space emerged when taking a course in philanthropy—Leading and Investing in Social Change. Christina has always wanted to get involved with a publication on campus and hopes to get to know people in QUEST through her work with QUESTPress.

Rohan Mishra (Q32)
Staff Writer

Rohan is a sophomore computer science major from the Bay Area. Rohan loves to write and decided to join QUESTPress in order to engage as much as possible with the QUEST community. You can find Rohan around College Park coding, writing articles, reading Dan Brown classics, and playing hoops.

Alyssa McKinney (Q31)
Staff Writer

Alyssa is a sophomore electrical engineering major from Rockville, MD. Alyssa has varied interests extending into music (flute, bass guitar, piano), writing (Diamondback, QUEST), and philanthropy (New Life Foundation, Engineers Without Borders). Alyssa enjoys writing about politics and science, especially the topic of climate change.