What we’re working on

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Operations Management is both interesting and confusing. Part of me thinks this must be overkill. After all, I can intuit my way to the understanding that to serve more customers I need more servers. But our professor, Yi Xu (Dr. Shoe!), insists”Don’t believe what you see with your eyes. Believe the data.” One of the cases we worked through demonstrated this very well–that the solution to a problem isn’t always near or next to the symptoms of the problem; that sometimes the symptoms don’t lead your intuition to the right solution. So that’s given me things to think about. (And I’ve also had to appeal to my 11th-grade daughter to remind me on how to do square roots of fractions. Bah humbug. Numbers, I’m tired of you).

We’re also working on Strategic Information Technology and Strategy and Innovation Management. It’s been so interesting because the concepts overlap, and something we learn in one class often turns out to be useful in the other class. It very much feels like each builds on the other, which I quite like. My bag of bricks are being put to use! That’s gratifying.

We’re also in the midst of another Ethics class, for which we are doing more group projects; every group presents a short seminar to the class on a particular topic, ranging from the definition of ownership to the history of worker’s rights. You get the sense of how we have evolved into today’s business practices through court decisions, activism and the effects of technology. We’ve got a longish final paper looming for that one.

And in the ALP department, I’m working with a classmate on her fledgling business and pursuing an internal project for the individual ALP. Lots to do!