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Term A Recap….for those of you keeping track at home

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Term A of my second year of business school is done!  Not sure how to explain what I am feeling because I can’t tell if the last two months flew by or crawled. The only thing I do know is thinking about it makes me very tired!

In the last two months, I proposed to my girlfriend, tried to start a business for an entrepreneurship class, assisted my nephew with learning how to crawl, helped coordinate multiple events for both of the clubs I am active in, took four hooligan classmates to Michigan for a legendary sports weekend, attended Kiss’s kick off concert in Detroit, picked a venue for my wedding next September, listened to about 47 live versions of Journey’s song “Don’t Stop Believing” (performed by various bands we are auditioning for our wedding), launched a full time job search blitzkrieg, booked airfare to India for study abroad this January and finished a quarter of my last year of business school!

Term A

Some pictures from fall semester, term A

All of this has got me thinking about what I would like to accomplish in the remaining time I have at Smith. There is still so much to get done. For now, I’m going to use this weekend to enjoy spending time with my parents who are coming to DC for my engagement party, hang out with some friends from out of town, study for a mid-term I have Monday night and put the finishing touches on a slide deck deliverable for a consulting project due next week.

The scary part is there are no signs of slowing up.  Aside from the usual class work, a couple part-time jobs, club activities and my job search I still have to help pick out cocktail hour appetizers for my wedding day.