home sweet home

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All this talk about my social life made me think more and more about the fact that I’ll be leaving the DC area soon. (Noooooooo!!!!!) It’s so bittersweet landing a great job in a city you’ve never lived. I have to make sure it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining, because I am SUPER excited about my upcoming job. However, I am absolutely, positively, in love with living in this area. I have family here- my mom and one sister- plus, I have friends here! We all know that the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to make real friends. So, I want to keep the real ones close by!

So what’s so great about this area, you might be wondering if you’ve never lived here. Well, where to begin??

The people- okay, so maybe they’re not as friendly as the ones you find in the South, but they are definitely nice enough. More importantly, they are diverse, especially within the young professional segment. You’ll find people that look like you, and plenty that don’t, if you know what I mean. I love that!

Nightlife- There’s something for everyone! My classmates have introduced me to the DC bar scene, as before, I tended to lean more towards the dance scene (clubs, lounges, etc). Either way, there are always new people to meet, a new place to try, or old favorites to revisit. Parking, I have to admit, can drive you crazy.

Location- I happen to live 40 minutes from DC, in a great not-so-little suburb called Columbia in Maryland. Since I have a daughter, I don’t mind trading the metro-riding-live-in-a-small-cool-place-city living for a more laid-back, spacious, and convenient-for-moms type of environment. The reason is that I still have access to all the cool stuff in the city! Everytime I drive through DC and pass the Monument, or the Capitol I realize how much I love the city. Philly, NJ, ¬†and NYC aren’t far away either.

Let’s see…what else? Well, there’s lots of jobs (not necesssarily for CPG marketing folks like myself…but I’ll still give credit), there’s lots of culture, great food…and did I mention, it’s just awesome??

I guess there’s no telling what the future holds- maybe my career will bring me back here one day. For now, I’ll just enjoy my last months in the DC area. Home Sweet Home.