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week of doom

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This is a busy week for me.  Crazy schedule is as follows:


Assignment:  Supply Chain simulation

Thoughts:  I hope my inability to manage virtual inventory is not an accurate reflection of my actual ability to manage actual inventory in my post-MBA supply chain job. 

Monday night: MUST send out invitations for Ashley’s bridal shower or face  risk of expulsion from the bridal party.

Tuesday morning:  Digital Business Markets presentation.

Thoughts:  Researching eHarmony for this project has been very interested and actually fun.  The only downside being that to find out the competitor’s pricing I had to create an account profile.  Now I receive 5 matches every day from jdate, match and  Boyfriend may be upset with that. 

Tuesday afternoon: Pricing & Revenue Management homework due, in-class case discussion.

Thoughts: Amazingly, homework was finished this weekend. 

Wednesday:  Barilla case for Supply Chain & Operations Management.

Thoughts:  Must find Barilla case.  And read.  Must stop waiting till last minute

Wednesday night:  Dinner at Komi with Paul. 

Thoughts: Pros: Voted #1 restaurant in Washington, D.C. by Washingtonian Magazine, Dad gave us fatty gift certificate for Christmas, I LOVE FOOD, made the reservations 2 months ago.  Cons: Midterm tomorrow.

Thursday: PRM midterm

Thoughts:  Senioritis

Thursday night: Ben’s birthday celebration

Thoughts: Senioritis

Friday: Case due for Business Plan competition

Thoughts:  One sentence down, 1 page minus 1 sentence to go.

Friday night: SAWMBA reception with EMBAs

Thoughts: Intelligent women, great conversation, looking forward to it.