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shawn's top 10 tips for success

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People have been asking for me months now, “Shawn – how do you do it? What is the secret to your success?  We want to know!”  I have tried placating them with excuses about “being born under a good sign” or just “being in the right place at the right time” but alas – the masses have won out!  I can’t put it off anymore.  It’s time I shared my proprietary tactics for success.   Dear reader – please note: I share these strategies with you in hopes that they will be used for good and not evil, that they will be tempered with good judgement, and that you understand the definition of sarcasm.  With that, here are my tips to win friends, influence people and get a job:

1.  Don’t be late.  Ever.  It’s terribly tacky.

2.  Dress for success!  Ladies: Contrary to public opinion (circa 2000 when Ally McBeal was popular…) camisoles under your suit jacket and short skirts are not acceptable.  Gents: Invest in a good suit.

3.  Be prepared.  I recently heard an excellent way of thinking about a job interview….”Let’s say you worked in sales and you had a presentation for a sale that would net you a $100,000 commission.  How long would you prepare for that presentation?  How much research and effort would you put into that presentation to make sure that it was perfect?  That’s how you should think about EVERY job interview.”     

4.  Flashcards.  An excellent way to make sure you have concise, on-hand answers to possible questions.  Use them to prepare for tests, interviews, dates. 

5.  Smile.  But first make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth. 

6.  Follow up and follow through.  Don’t say you are going to do something unless you plan to do it. 

7.  Be honest.  People hate bull sh*tters. 

8.  Know yourself.  How can you sell yourself effectively if you don’t know your product?

9.  Be aggressive.  Hustle.  Don’t wait for someone to hand you what you want.

10.  Be open.  Think twice (or three times) before turning down an interview, a job offer or an invitation to have coffee with a total stranger.  If you narrow your options too severely you may miss out on an incredible opportunity.