90% of our lives are spent indoors

November 24th, 2008 by under Uncategorized. No Comments.

I find that figure amazing.  90%?  That’s just frightening.  I’m surprised that that human race has not yet become allergic to the sun or universally agoraphobic given that we spend so little time outdoors.  Even more disturbing is the realization that if only 10% percent of my time is spent outdoors at least 50% of that is spent in the car…So I’m looking at breathing (somewhat) clean, unfiltered air only 5% of the time.  (Which is a little over an hour a day…which actually sounds like a generous estimate of how much outdoor time I afford myself).  Even worse, it’s estimated that 30% of buildings have poor indoor air quality.  No wonder I’m always sick!  (Compounded by the fact that stress weakens your immune system).   Solution?  Don a Michael Jackson-esque face mask to filter my air?  Add “good air quality” to the requirements list for my post-MBA employer?  Both are unreasonable and will potentially hinder my job prospects.  However, I will be more informed, educated and aware when I buy my first home and fill it with all the potentially toxic things that reflect my personal style.