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Apparently Wednesday is the new Friday.  Before I returned to school for my MBA I thought Thursday was the new Friday (largely in part to the $1.99 appetizer happy hour at McCormick & Schmick…) but for the last seven weeks Wednesday has been the culmination of my work week.  Don’t misunderstand me – It’s not as though my work ends on Wednesday.  It’s just that my classes are front loaded to the beginning of the week and pretty much all of my deliverables are due by Wednesday.  This week was especially intense because of finals.  Between Monday and Wednesday at noon I had just a few things to do (i.e. Business Law final, group presentation for Negotations, group presentation for Strategic Procurement and a take home final for Strategic Procurement).  But it’s now Wednesday at 3:15 pm and I’m still alive. Victory!  Finals have been completed, presentations given and Thursday (i.e. SnoozeDay) is quickly approaching.  So other than me trying to explain to my friends why I can’t return phone calls before Wednesday night…what is the point of this rant?  TIME MANAGEMENT.  We talk a lot about time management in the MBA program.  That should not be surprising – obviously you need excellent time management skills if you want to be successful in the business world.  It’s the implementation part that’s tricky….How do you keep all those metaphorical balls up in the air?  My technique is Post-it notes.  As juvenile and wasteful as that may sound that’s honestly what works for me.  Lately flourescent Post-it notes seemed to have taken over my life…they’re everywhere….on my desk (“Write blog entry TODAY!”), on the refrigerator, inside my planner (which kind of defeats the purpose of a planner), on the dashboard of my car…but they do keep me in check.  I can’t pinpoint why Post-its are so much more effective for me than a list or pop-up reminders on my Blackberry.  Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of crumbling that note and throwing it away when the task is done?  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hard for me to ignore the hot pink heart Post-its that seem to mutiply overnight?  Whatever the rationale, they do the job for me and so I’m sticking with them.  So thank you 3M from the bottom of my heart.  You can rest assured you’ll stay in business until at least May of 2009 when I graduate from the MBA program.