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Copy and Paste from Mac to Windows

I created a list of computers I wanted to join to Active Directory on my Macbook, but I couldn’t add them on my Macbook so I made a remote desktop connection onto a Windows Server 2008 R2 server to add them.  There is a VBscript what will take a list of computers from a file and add them into AD.  The script is extremely helpful when you need to add 100+ computers.  I created this text file using Notepad and pasted the list I made on my Macbook (with Textedit), but when I pasted the list, all the computers came up in 1 single line.  I had to manually enter a newline after each computer and resave it.  But something else was wrong because when I ran the script, it only added 1 computer instead of the 25 I have listed.

After chatting with my husband, he informed me how Mac carriage return might be a little different than Windows’.  But how can it be when I use Notepad which is all plaintext?  Well I decided to open that file using Wordpad and BAM!… extra newlines were there.  I deleted the extra newlines and the script worked perfectly.

What I learned today was that sometimes using Wordpad over Notepad isn’t so bad after all.


Online Photo Editor

Ever want to quickly resize your photos or do some touchups, but don’t have a copy of Photoshop?  Well I’ve found 2 pretty good online photo editors – Aviary ( and Pixlr (  Kevin Green told me about Aviary and started using that since MSPaint is not an option on my MacBook.  I recently came upon Pixlr when I was browsing through the Chrome Web Store.  One cool feature I really like about Pixlr is the “Retro Vintage Effects”.  Here is an example:


General Lee Scooter


General Lee Scooter - Pixlr Edit


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