Merging my car blog

I started a blog on back in March and have decided that instead feeding the RSS into a widget on the side, I’ll just merge the post into this blog.  There’s a certain template I want to use on this site, but it does not work well with the RSS feed widget.

For those that don’t know the entire story, my car was stolen 2 days before Valentines Day.  I was the original owner of a 2000 Honda Civic SI, a car that is highly sought after.  After a month, the car was declared a total lost and I was given a check from my insurance company.

My next car had to meet these criterias:

  1. Manual Transmission
  2. 4 Doors
  3. Hatchback (optional)

I’ve seen the Audi A3 before and fell in love with it.  Of course it could have been the awesome LEDs that I feel in love with, but it was a hatchback, came in leather, and is an “adult” car compared to a VW Golf and GTI.

At the same time I was looking at the A3, I remember how my husband and I were planning to go to France this summer and thought “why not do an European Delivery?”  An European Delivery is offered by many German Car Manufactures such as Audi, BWM, Mercedes-Benz, etc and they usually give the customer a certain % discount off MSRP on the car (between 3-10% depending on the manufacture).  What is included in this discount is a 1-night stay at a hotel, factory tour, car insurance for up to 14 days in Europe, and they ship the car back into the States after you are done with your trip.

You need to have patiences to do this because it takes about 3 months before the car is built, then another month for it to arrive at the States, then another month for it to go through customs and have your dealership go pickup the car from the port.


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