The Math Behind Gas Prices and Cars

My husband and I were having a discussion about gas prices and cars over the weekend.  He kept making fun of me because when I get my car, I will be paying for Premium gas vs paying Regular gas for his car.  I told him that I will be spending less money on gas on my car because it has better mileage and he didn’t believe me so we sat down and did the math.

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Now I’m going to be nice and take the Combined EPA MPG of both vehicles instead of the Highway.  Let’s see how much it will cost us to buy 300 miles worth of gas.

Honday Element

300 Miles / 20 MPG = 15 Gallons * $4.09 Reg. Gas = $61.35

Audi A3

300 Miles / 24 MPG = 12.5 Gallons * $4.39 Prem. Gas = $54.88

So even though I am paying more for premium gas, it will still be spending less money on gas than him.  😉


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