How Dual Monitors Affects Citrix Seamless Apps

I’ve been going crazy for the last few months trying to figure out why all the apps on the new Citrix server has been displaying the server background on any application that is in Windowed mode and the bottom is being cut off.  Today I finally found the correct solution/workaround to the issue.

Dual monitors are supported in Citrix… only if you have it setup in a certain way.  I use a Macbook and use the laptop screen as the primary monitor and another Dell 20″ LCD monitor as my secondary monitor.  The LCD is located behind my Macbook so I set the desktop to have the LCD above my Macbook.  But when I do that, I see the background of the Citrix server on the application I launch and the bottom of the application gets cut off.

LCD monitor on top, Macbook display on bottom You can see the server background on the top and the bottom is cut off

A post I found on Citrix forums states that the montiors needs to be set side-by-side.  So I made that change and it works!

Changed dual monitor settings to have monitors side-by-side Now it looks better!

It’s hard to say if it’s a Citrix issue or a Microsoft Windows issue.  But hopefully, not too many people have a dual monitor setup like me.


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