Need credit card for a free app from App Store… wait what?

I finally installed Snow Leopard (10.6) onto my Macbook.  My main reason to upgrade is to test the new Citrix Receiver that ONLY works on 10.6.6 or higher.  The Citrix Receiver will be the next best thing for the school.  It will integrate Citrix applications into the users’ desktop so people won’t have to open a browser to launch a Citrix application.

The Citrix Receiver for Macs is free, but only available thru the App Store.  The problem for me is that I share an iTunes account with my husband and since this is a “new computer” that the store has detected, I have to enter in the security code for the credit card information.  Of course my husband has that information and he’s in meetings until who-knows-when so no testing for me for the rest of the day.  🙁

I don’t understand why don’t they just let people install free stuff without an iTunes account.


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