So Many Things, So Little Time

A lot has happened since my last post that I didn’t have time to post, especially when school started.  Where do I begin?

  1. New Citrix Deployed – We introduced our new Citrix to the community.  So far we got good feedback from faculty and returning students about the new Citrix since they are the only people that can compare the old one vs the new one.  It is on much new hardware and it is integrated to Active Directory.  Being on Active Directory was the biggest thing for us as we can easily give any UMD students access to our Citrix without going to OIT to add them.
  2. Car finally arrived!  Picked it up at the dealer August 26th, a day before Hurricane Irene stopped by.  Luckily, Hurricane Irene didn’t do much damage in our area.  But I’m just glad I don’t have to drive my husband’s car anymore.
  3. Baltimore Grand Prix – This was a great opportunity for me to have more practice taking pics with my Nikon D3100.  It was a great learning experience as I was playing with the shutter speed.  I’ll post some pics when I get a chance.

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