Copy and Paste from Mac to Windows

I created a list of computers I wanted to join to Active Directory on my Macbook, but I couldn’t add them on my Macbook so I made a remote desktop connection onto a Windows Server 2008 R2 server to add them.  There is a VBscript what will take a list of computers from a file and add them into AD.  The script is extremely helpful when you need to add 100+ computers.  I created this text file using Notepad and pasted the list I made on my Macbook (with Textedit), but when I pasted the list, all the computers came up in 1 single line.  I had to manually enter a newline after each computer and resave it.  But something else was wrong because when I ran the script, it only added 1 computer instead of the 25 I have listed.

After chatting with my husband, he informed me how Mac carriage return might be a little different than Windows’.  But how can it be when I use Notepad which is all plaintext?  Well I decided to open that file using Wordpad and BAM!… extra newlines were there.  I deleted the extra newlines and the script worked perfectly.

What I learned today was that sometimes using Wordpad over Notepad isn’t so bad after all.


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