GPS for the Nikon

I was glad that I got the Solmeta GPS instead of the blueSLR while I was overseas.  Orginally, I had leaned towards getting the blueSLR in the first place because the iPhone is an awesome GPS and you can still get a GPS location while indoors.  For the Solmeta, if it loses GPS signal when you go indoors, it will remember the last location it received and store that location for 30 minutes.

The reason I am glad I didn’t get the blueSLR while I was overseas is that I did not get a Germany or France data plan while I was over there.  The iPhone requires either a WiFi connection or a cell data connection in order for it to send a GPS location to any application on the phone.  Since we did not want to pay up the wazoo for roaming data plan, our GPS did not work unless we were connected via WiFi and the only time we were connected via WiFi was at the hotel or the Apple store in Munich.  I’m so glad I didn’t get the blueSLR.


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