My opinion about photos from iPhones/iPads

I haven’t posted in a while but I had a good reason – I’ve been too busy with my new little girl.  That’s right.  I’m finally a mom.  While I was home with my newborn, I took alot of photos of my daughter, but mostly with my iPhone. I told myself that I need to take pictures of my daughter with my DSLR, but it was hard because I didn’t like carrying that camera along with the baby around the house.  The iPhone was much more convenient because it was nice and small, plus I used my iPhone to track her feedings and diaper changes.

The problem with taking photos with the iPhone (or even iPad) is that you don’t get the same quality of photo that you would from a camera, especially when the lighting is dim.  There are times where you might be able to get the same quality from both cameras.

Alexis - Bear Suit (Nikon D3100)

Alexis – Bear Suit (Nikon D3100)

Alexis - Bear Suit (iPhone)

Alexis – Bear Suit (iPhone)

Now if you try to take a picture of a active moving kid, then you can see a big difference in quality.  The DSLR will be a much better choice for taking those pics.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a comparison picture of a moving kid because it’s so hard to take a same picture of a moving kid with 2 different cameras.

If you do decide to take photos of your little one with your iPhone, make sure you take several because you’ll never know if it turns out perfect or blurry.



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