New Toy #2 – Solmeta N1

I decided to get a GPS for my Nikon D3100 because having to remember where pictures were taken is very helpful.  I had a bunch of pictures taken on my iPhone from a few scooter rallies I attended and they all look the same because the pictures were taken at a campground with a bunch of scooters.  Having the “Places” tab in the Photo section of the iPhone really helped me remember which rally the picture belong to.

I did not get the GPS that Nikon offered (Nikon GP-1)as it was a little over $200 and the GPS unit was powered by the camera which made me a little worried that I may run out of battery to take pictures.  There were a few 3rd party GPS units that I read about and compared and I was torn between 2 – the Solmeta N1 and the blueSLR.

The blueSLR was really cool because it was just a bluetooth receiver that can talk to your iPhone to get the GPS coordinates.  The thing I like about using the iPhone as the GPS is that it is pretty accurate because not only does it get its coordinates from the satalites, but it can get the coordinates use Wi-Fi based location which means you can get the coordinates while indoors!  The only thing I did not like about it is that the unit was connected to the side (which can be good because it’s not obvious that it is there) and I was worried that there may be too much stress between the unit and the connector that is keeping the GPS in place.

The Solmeta N1 was just like the Nikon GP-1 where it sits right on top of your camera and is connected to the GPS via cable.  The big difference between the N1 and GP-1 is that the N1 has a built-in rechargeable battery so it doesn’t drain the battery from the camera.  It was about $100 cheaper than the Nikon and for $50 more than the N1, I could have gotten the N2 that tells me the direction I am facing, but I didn’t think I needed that.

Now to see how accurate the GPS is, I decided to take some pictures with the GPS outside my house and then a picture where the parking lot is.  I do have to say, it did a pretty good job at pin pointing my location.  Now I just need to find a cooler photo site that shows you the map and thumbnails of the location on the map of all the pictures I’ve uploaded.

Here’s a sample picture taken with map location:


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