Back to school!

November 29th, 2011 by under International Experience. No Comments.

I am here finally (back to school after 4 years of work life)! Almost 4 months into the program and I am enjoying every bit of it. What’s different here? Well one can say it’s a professional course so how can it be much different from work life? Okay let me stress on the fact – Yes, it is different.

I have the liberty to make mistakes. But how does that help? For a person like me who is keen on doing things perfectly and gets upset at every small mistake she makes, this provides me the ideal platform to learn. I can learn from my mistakes and work on them to better myself each time. I can attend classes with people from farthest corners of the world and be amazed by the different unique perspectives.

Although I am so far away from my country and friends, still I feel like I am an integral part of this place. I was having a conversation with my dad last night and he asked what is the best thing I like about being here. This is what I said, “Papaji, Everyday when I come back from school, I have a great sense of fulfillment. I learn something new or may be learn something old in a new way. So, each day I wake up I know the way I look at things won’t be the same when I return home”.

Waiting eagerly to share more information about my experience here in my future blogs!