Internship Experience at a Startup

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My goal coming to Smith School was to venture into the marketing and strategy function in the technology industry. Considering my previous work experience was technology focused, I wanted to leverage my summer internship to help me gain a wide range of experience in the marketing and strategic functioning of the company. Being an international student, my internship search consisted of not only looking for technology companies with an internal marketing team but also for companies which are open to hire international . Having already worked in a big company, I wanted to work for a small company to gain a better understanding of nitty gritties of running a business. I was fortunate enough that Smith’s Dingman Center of entrepreneurship was encouraging students to work with the startups in the area and I was able to make connections in one of the startup fairs sponsored by the school.

My internship was with 2tor, Inc., a company that provides the vital—yet often-overlooked—logistical components of any online program, including comprehensive student support services from enrollment through graduation and beyond as well as practical learning experiences within distant communities around the country. The firm is a start-up company and has been around for almost four years. I was a marketing analytics intern for the summer reporting directly to the Director of Analytics. My primary role was to provide accurate, effective and concise statistical data to marketing, lead generation and sales team so as to help them make better business decisions. I combined the quantitative skills gained through my courses in Data Modeling and Market Forecasting class with the psychological skills gained during my Consumer Behavior class to initiate and complete the market segmentation project, the first of its kind in the company. In the short duration of my internship, I was given an opportunity to make presentations to the VP of lead generation team and EVP of marketing team. I also had an opportunity to work directly with the brand management and post enrollment team in the company.

I am continuing with my internship in the fall and I am presently working on creating a marketing survey for one of the programs handled by the company. I was also able to gain a hands on experience on various marketing analytic tools like JMP, Sales force, SAS, R and Python. I strongly believe that this internship has helped me in gaining skills which has increased my skills and confidence to fully immerse myself into the field of marketing and strategy.

Along with gaining the technical skills at the job, I also had a fun time working at 2tor. The people are very warm and down to earth. One week the interns were able to meet with the EVP of external relations while the other week we were enjoying baseball with the CEO of the company.

The best advice I can give for the internship search is to make sure you know what you want from your internship. We have the best available resources on campus and the least we can do is leverage them to our advantage. You can read a detailed blog about how to make your summer search effective here.