Second year of my MBA program

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When I was in the first year of my MBA degree, I always thought life would be so much easier when I am in my second year. Reasons : Firstly, I won’t be looking for an internship. Secondly, I would have less coursework load. Truth : Not really.

The second year of my MBA program is as challenging as my first year. In fact, it sometimes seems more than the first year given that I am continuing my internship through the fall in 2tor,Inc. and also working with the research and development team of MARS, Inc.(Belgium) as a part of my Smith experience class. It is sometimes challenging to schedule meetings on a different time zone but I am happy to have such a supportive and accommodating team. Coming to Smith, I always knew I would have a supporting community but its even greater than what I pictured. Its around an year and I can comfortably say I have a family here in Maryland. The student family here is always eager to help and I have made some really great friends for life.

Probably, that’s the reason that when someone asks me would I like to do this all over again? My response is a prompt yes!