The beginning of a new year

September 4th, 2009 by under Events, On MBA courses. No Comments.

Here I am in my second year at school, back after the long summer break (seems short now). The summer internships were great, and it felt good getting back to work and applying the stuff that I managed to retain after the long arduous first year, to real world business scenarios.

It has only been a few days since school started and I already have a lot of catching up to do. This semester I have the same number of classes as in the first semester, which I then thought would be the worst, ever, but I was wrong. The classes this semester are fine, but there is so much going on every day outside of the classes. The recruiting season has started, and companies have started coming in for information sessions and interviews. The students too, are almost panicky, trying to update their resumes, to include all the wonderful work they did over the summer and prepare for the interviews that could change the course of their career, and life. The people at the Office of Career Services sure are having a tough time trying to keep up with workload. One can always spot people outside the offices of the career coaches, waiting to get a piece of their time.

The student clubs too have become hyperactive, welcoming the first years, having their kick-off meetings, selecting the board members, and getting started with organizing events. My schedule seemed to have some time slots available when I registered for classes, slots that I could have utilized on other pressing stuff, but those free slots are long gone, thanks to the two club leadership positions that I took up. Yes, I know, one was not enough for me.
So now, juggling around with the class-work this semester, I spend a considerable amount of my time in attending meetings for the group projects, for the MBA Consulting club for which I am the VP Career development, and for the Professional Communications Club, for which I am the Co-President. In addition, I do attend information sessions of the companies that come on campus and I am interested in, every odd day. My work as a Graduate Assistant takes up whatever time I am left with on some days during the week. And yes, that reminds me, there are some career fairs coming up – the Asian MBA at New York, the Black MBA at New Orleans, etc. so I have to try to be prepared for them as well.

Time sure is flying, and it feels like there are no more weekends, just weeks, passing by in continuation. It is a new year – the second year of my MBA journey, and it sure is challenging, and fun. I’m loving it!