Air Asia

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Air Asia is a Malaysian based airline that serves many different Asian country.  It is a low cost, no-frills airline like Southwest Airlines.  This is a unique airline because it is the pioneer of low cost travel in Asia.  Air Asia currently operates more than 142 routes to 78 destinations,with over 400 daily flights.  They are trying to break into new locations but there are very strict rules and regulations in other countries.  Air Asia has been very affected by the views of Richard Branson and it strives to be “Fun & Friendly”.  The company has a very strong Board of Directors that work hard and believe very strongly in the company.  The company also has the feel of a start-up because there are very little cubicles and all employees work next to each other.  The CEO also has a desk in the office and he is very open to new ideas.  Lastly, the company offers free massages to workers that are over stressed.  Unlike Singapore Airlines, Air Asia was more open and it seemed to be a lot less strict.  All of the employees at Singapore Airlines seemed to be more conformed, and it seemed like it was a lot harder of a hiring process.

Student Quotes:
“Air Asia has a great open feel and unlike other companies it seems to treat all employees very well.  It was also incredibly cool to see that the CEO has an open office inbetween other workers.”

“I actually flew home on Air Asia and it was a great flight and all of the employees were incredibly nice.”