BBC News

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Despite having a very controlling government BBC News is able to act freely in Singapore.  During our visit with BBC we visited with Sharanjit Leyl who was a University of Maryland graduate.  At UMD she earned a double degree in Journalism and English Literature.  After working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation she jumped on the opportunity to join BBC World News.  The BBC Singapore HQ was very crowded and there were very little employees.  Mrs. Leyl loves her time in Singapore and she stated that Singapore never censors the news.  She stated that the best way to get the hottest news and interviews is through connections.  She tries to keep a good relationship with everyone she meets so that BBC News can be the first to publish a new story.  Although Singapore has very little crime, there is a lot of news around it because of the exponential growth of the country.  There is also a very large start-up industry and Singapore although it has no natural resources, it is set in the future to become a world power.

Student Quotes:

“Sharanjit Leyl was very personable and here journey to Singapore was very intriguing.”

“The BBC studio was so small but I was shocked at how hard the news reporters were working.  The coolest thing was when I was flying home, Mrs. Leyl was on the BBC News Channel.”