Economic Development Board

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The Economic Development Board is a government operated agency that seeks to further develop Singapore’s economic growth by focusing on companies, investors, and manufacturing. It seeks to attract foreign investment, expanding existing industries, and ensuring that businesses are operating efficiently. The students were fascinated by the Singaporean government’s intricate involvement especially when compared to that of the United States government. Through specialized programs such as the EDB and the Media Development Authority, the Singaporean government is able to influence a broad spectrum of fields.

Student Quotes:
“Being an economics major, the visit to the EDB was one of my favorites as I got to learn about the Singapore economy from a macro perspective. Learning about the competition they face from Hong Kong and how they are facilitating such growth is fascinating.”

“The EDB was a great way to apply what we have been observing around the city on a global scale. Learning about Singapore’s success and challenges helped me better understand Singapore for the rest of the trip.”