Media Development Authority

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The Media Development Authority was founded in 2003 with the mission of creating media enterprises in-house to attract direct foreign investments for economic growth and to create new jobs.

The Media Development Authority functions very similarly to the Dingman Center at the Smith School. Singapore is really a unique place to start a business. The general consensus in the business world is that China and India are the future hubs of new industry and innovation. By that logic, Singapore is the perfect location to have a business since both geographically and culturally. It is under this belief that the Singaporean government through entities like the Media Development Authority sends its best students abroad to get the best education they can and use that knowledge to build their own businesses back in Singapore. At the MDA, we spoke with Mr. Michael Yap; a University of Maryland alumnus who is the Deputy Chief Executive of the Regulatory Group and Executive Director of the Interactive Digital Media Program Office. He was extremely successful in his start-up and made an impressive $30 million. Despite the company’s remarkable success, Mr. Yap sold his company and later went on to be in charge of the Regulatory Group. This group overseas all primary policy making functions and makes sure that all business licenses are properly administered.

Student Testimonials:

“It was interesting to see how IDM’s research aides in the changes of MDA’s products. I thought Mr. Yap was fascinating to listen to and a great speaker.”

“Mr. Yap’s experience in business was extremely interesting to listen to. I enjoyed his entrepreneurial mindset and ability to lead large innovative groups.”