Team Drives are now available to create and use with Smoogle

To: Smith Community
From: Office of Smith IT

The Office of Smith IT is pleased to announce that we have rolled out Team Drives to our community. Smoogle Team Drives are a great way to:

  • Keep files separate from any individual’s account
  • Grant or revoke permission to a specific collection of files all at once
  • Organize files based on purpose or need
  • Team Drives are Google Drive spaces that are separate from any individual user’s account. This means that even if the person who created content saved in a Team Drive leaves or has his or her account disabled, the content will remain accessible to everyone else in the Team Drive.

    When you create a Team Drive make sure to give the Drive a logical name so that other team members can easily identify the purpose of the Drive. There are four levels of permission to Team Drives when you share it with others so you should consider granting Full Access carefully, since these permissions allow the deletion of files and member management. To learn more about Team Drives please visit this page on our Smoogle Learning Center website.

    Team Drives that you are a member of can be found by clicking the Team Drive icon that appears in your Drive navigation list.

    If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Office of Smith IT Service Desk via, in person at 3520 Van Munching Hall or 301-405 2269.

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