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The Final Semester Begins!!!…sort of….

January 26th, 2012 by under Consulting, Data Modeling and Decision Making, Supply Chain and Ops. No Comments.

Almost there....

At this point, I would normally say that I’m happy to be 3/4 done with the MBA program…..but I technically already finished last spring.  I completed all 54 credits and required courses a semester early!

However, rather than take a trip to Hawaii and eat loco moco and poi all the time, I’ve decided to stay in crab country in Maryland.  Why?  Because there’s still more to learn of course!  I’ve gained a great deal from the past year and a half and have met many wonderful people, yet I still don’t feel like I’m ready to identify myself as an MBA.

A Final Semester Focused on Skills and Experiential Learning

There are a few key classes I’ve been looking forward to in this program, which I will be taking this final semester:

  • Technology Commercialization – I didn’t got on last year’s Israel commercialization fellowship at the Technion University, so this is my chance to take all of the knowledge and skills I’ve learned to create a whole business plan from the ground up.
  • Marketing Analytics – You can never get enough statistics….well, that’s definitely hyperbole, but for me it’s important because statistics is a discipline I need to see over and over again to make sure I understand it.  Building upon my experience at Kraft Foods in Consumer Insights, Data Modeling and Decision Making, and Data Mining, I’m furthering my understanding of how to applied models to marketing decisions.
  • Negotiations – A key skill for anyone.  I’m looking forward to the roleplay exercises and getting feedback from people about my negotiating style and tactics.  You usually don’t get feedback in a real negotiation, so this is an important opportunity.
  • Spreadsheet Decision Modeling – Another course on skills building, focusing on deterministic and probabilistic models
  • Market (Demand) Forecasting – Modeling uncertainty and projecting sales
  • CIBER Consulting – I’ll be consulting for the Imperial Fish Company in Tunisia and I’ll get to go for a week over Spring Break for site visits and interviews!  We’ll be working with a team of Tunisian MBAs!

Over the Winter, I’ve been working on a project I’ve developed with USAID through the Supply Chain and Operations Club.  We’re analyzing a current business problem and writing a case analysis to be the base of a business competition we will host at the Smith School!  This has been an exciting project and I’ve been learning alot working alongside my teammates.  It’s been a great experience in business development and project management.  More updates as it happens!