Smith’s Got Talent!

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Alice did a beautiful rendition of the Fugees.

I had a blast last week at the 2nd Annual Smith’s Got Talent performance.  The twelve performances by Smith MBAs included improv comedy, music, dancing, and even a poetry reading of Dr. Seuss!

I participated as well as part of a six person hip hop dance crew.  My 2nd year classmate June is a great choreographer – we did a medley of “Turn up the Music,” “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” and topped it off with “Run the World.”

Graham covers John Denver

I’m really glad I participated in this because the MBA can be very draining.  One of the lessons from the program is that it’s important to have balance and not permit excessive work to result in the atrophy the other parts our identities and lives.

One of the great things about the Smith community is how diverse and creative we are.  Business students aren’t just suits – we’re multi-faceted.  Event’s like Smith’s Got Talent are great ways to discover new things about the people we work with, have fun, and spend time as a community.  I’m so glad to be at a business school that appreciates the multiple qualities we bring with us.

Bollywood by Lakshmi

The Swagger Jackers danced it up!