Departing via DCA, JFK, SFO (01/04/10)

January 23rd, 2010 by under China. No Comments.

I arrived at the Ronald Reagan airport (DCA) around 9am. I had a luggage, a carry-on and a Terps school backpack. I had to transfer some clothes from the lugguage to the carry-on due to the 50lb weight limits by the American Airline. The flight departed at noon.

It took about an hour to get to JFK from DCA. JFK has 8 different terminals and I had to take an Airtrain at the airport to go from one terminal to another. I think JFK is way bigger than Dullas. When trying to depart JFK by Delta, it took me about 20 minutes to go through the security gate. A security guy throw away the followings from my carry-on: shower gel, shampoo, lotion, mouth wash and shaving cream. He asked if I wanted to deliver them somewhere via post. I didn’t bother doing that.

On the way to SFO from JFK, I read HBS book about How to do Business in China. I thought I could finish the whole book but I only finish two chapters. I took time to absorb numbers and stop a lot to think and relate facts being presented. I tried to figure out patterns and information that might be applicable in transforming Burma. I think I got lost in doing that.

My parent’s friend picked me up at San Franscisco International airport and I spent the night at their house. I haven’t seen the host’s family for a year now and it was good to meet them again. The host lives at the Freemont. I got to see the Freemont area landscape on the way to the airport in the morning of Jan 5th. It looks dry when compared to DC. But, it was good to see mountains at one side of the highway. It reminded me of my hometown, Mandalay, Burma, where there are mountains at the east. I like looking at the mountains when the sun rises up in the morning from the back.