Trade-off between a customized trip, pricing and negotiation power (Nov,Dec 2009)

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I couldn’t find any flights, leaving BWI or Dullas, that would go through San Fran and Tokyo. Since I wanted to stop by San Franscisco on the way to China and Tokyo on the return trip, I found a deal on back in Nov. It costs me $1011 and here is the itinery:

01/04/10 7:15 pm   departs    New York (JFK)             01/04/10 11:25 pm   arrives  San Francisco (SFO)                                 

01/05/10 12:10 pm  departs  San Francisco (SFO)      01/06/10  5:00 pm   arrives  Narita, Tokyo (NRT)

01/06/10  7:00 pm  departs  Narita, Tokyo(NRT)         01/06/10 9:45 pm  arrives Shanghai- Pudong , China (PVG)

01/18/10 4:40 pm   departs    Beijing, China (PEK)      01/18/10 9:00 pm   arrives  Narita, Tokyo (NRT)        

01/19/10 3:05 pm  departs  Narita, Tokyo (NRT)       01/19/10  2:00 pm   arrives  New York (JFK)

I bought a round-trip ticket between Ronald Reagan-JFK for $199.

After I got the ticket, I wanted to change the depart date from Jan 4th to Jan 1st. But, the Priceline would charge me about $2000 more for the schedule change. So, I had to stick to the original schedule. Otherwise, I could have stay in San Fran for a few days and wonder around before I leave US.

Lessons to be learned>>>>plan and prepare long before the departure. Obviously, getting an air ticket 2 months before the departure did not give me enough room to find better deals.