Career & Professional Development

How to Respond to Salary History Requests.
Employers are using salary history information to figure out what salary candidates would accept from them, which puts candidates in an unfair position and raises worries about leaving money on the table. Demands to know your past salary are designed to give employers the upper hand in salary negotiations. The best thing you can do when an interviewer asks about your salary history is to reframe the question. Click here for more.

5 Secrets To Staying Positive In A Job Search.
Many people struggle with self-doubt when it comes to the job search. Staying positive during your search can be challenging as you deal with rejection and the end of the road is not clear. You will need to keep your spirits high and stay motivated throughout a job search process. Click here for more.

How to Use March Break to Get a Job.
Whether you are going to be looking for a summer job, or a full time career after graduation, March Break is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your job search. If you devote just a few hours a day to your job search, you will be ready to hit the ground running and that head start can make a HUGE difference in how quickly you find a job. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; even if you don’t get hired, you might get some valuable information that will lead you to your next opportunity. Click here for more.

Enhance Your Strengths and Development Needs.

More and more organizations are seeking employees who value learning as a competitive advantage and embrace continuous professional growth. In fact, a strong learning orientation is among the key competencies required for leadership success at many best companies. There are several great resources for enhancing professional and leadership skills, such as PDI Ninth House/PreVisor’s Successful Manager’s Handbook (an outstanding resource for leadership development and coaching that we use in the Smith School’s EMBA Executive Coaching program – ISBN 0-972-57702-5 ). For those looking for web-based tools (e.g., podcasts) that provide practical tips for career and leadership success, be sure to check out the manager and career tools at: