Career & Professional Development

Three Habits Of The Best Job Candidates I’ve Ever Interviewed.
Making a great impression isn’t rocket science, but it’s easy to get wrong. Being qualified isn’t always enough to edge out the competition. Review suggestions on how to build a real connection with your interviewer. Click here for more.
10 Tips to Make the Most of Your MBA Internship.
Treat your internship as an opportunity to learn as much as you can about the industry, the organization, and your job function. Your resume and future career are dependent on the skills, relationships, and experiences you have during the MBA internship. In fact, 70% of employers said their primary goal in hiring an intern was to hire them as a full-time employee after the internship ended. Click here for more.
How to Interview for Leadership and Management Skills.
Professionals share how they discern a job candidate’s willingness and potential to develop management and leadership skills in the interview process. Uncovering skills and character traits beyond surface attributes is the key takeaway when scouting for strong leadership. The interview process will be used to evaluate the candidate’s character, ambitions and personal successes. Click here for more.
10 Companies That Are Hiring Now in and Around Washington, DC. Whether you’ve been looking for months or are just starting to think about your next step, finding the company with the perfect culture and job opening for you — and in the right location — is no small feat. Take a peek inside their offices, browse job openings, and see if your perfect “next thing” just landed in your lap. Click here for more.
Enhance Your Strengths and Development Needs.
More and more organizations are seeking employees who value learning as a competitive advantage and embrace continuous professional growth. In fact, a strong learning orientation is among the key competencies required for leadership success at many best companies. There are several great resources for enhancing professional and leadership skills, such as PDI Ninth House/PreVisor’s Successful Manager’s Handbook (an outstanding resource for leadership development and coaching that we use in the Smith School’s EMBA Executive Coaching program – ISBN 0-972-57702-5 ). For those looking for web-based tools (e.g., podcasts) that provide practical tips for career and leadership success, be sure to check out the manager and career tools at: