Career & Professional Development

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your MBA’s First Month.  What a lot of MBA graduates, who have already accomplished some pretty impressive things, have in common is that they made the most of their MBA experience early on. MBA students need to stay flexible and open to new opportunities.
This Is The Part Of Your Resume That Recruiters Look At First.  Recruiters and hiring managers are most likely to encounter your resume as an email attachment or a PDF. When they open the file, only the top half — at most — is going to fill their screen. That’s the part you need to lavish the most attention on. If you don’t give them a reason to scroll down and read more, it’s all over for you. 
9 Career Fair Tips To Get You Hired. With hundreds of students competing for the attention of fewer recruiters, you must have a plan to make the crucial good first impression that could get you hired. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase in person that you are an effective communicator, critical thinker and team player.