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Trip Leaders, Dean Cleveland and Dr. Lois Vietri

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Pat Cleveland

Patricia Cleveland has served as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business since July, 1998.  Prior to coming to the Smith School, she was the Assistant Dean for Student Academic Services, and MBA program advisor at the University of Hawaii’s College of Business Administration for six years.  She has taught organizational behavior in the MBA program at the University of Hawaii, and strategic human resources and American business culture as part of international executive programs offered in conjunction with the East West Center and University of Hawaii.  Before joining the University of Hawaii, Cleveland served as the first director of academic and regulatory affairs for Bowling Green State University’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. She is also former director of undergraduate advising in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Kansas.  As an academic administrator, she has contributed to a range of curricular and program development initiatives.  At the University of Hawaii, she developed and managed a distance education MBA program offered to neighbor island students.  At the University of Maryland, she has been involved in the development of the undergraduate Smith program at Shady Grove, and most recently the development of the Smith School’s Undergraduate Fellows Program.  She has also initiated a number of new “traditions” as coordinator for the Smith School’s 20 undergraduate student organizations, including yearly leadership retreats and the STARS mentoring and outreach program to the local area community.  Dr. Cleveland has a Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology from the University of Kansas.  More than 2,900 undergraduates are pursuing business degrees at the Smith School of Business.  Available majors include accounting, information systems, finance, international business, human resource management, supply chain management, and marketing.  The program also offers a portfolio of 22 special “fellows” programs, providing specialized curricula, co-curricular programs and activities to 800+ students.

Dr. Lois T Vietri

Lois  Testa-Vietri began her love affair with East Asia very early in life.  Real life interrupted that passion as she pursued a doctorate in political science and launched a career in government and campaign consulting. Luckily she was drawn back to academe and undergraduate teaching in American politics and public administration.  Fortune struck again as academic life allowed her to reinvent herself and so in the mid 1980s she came back to Asia in her teaching and research. She made her first trip to Vietnam and Thailand in 1990 and with our study group will be making her 11th trip to Vietnam.  She founded the Maryland Vietnam Partnership in 2001, a campus group that initiated long term partnerships with government, academic, and international organizations in Vietnam. Dr. Vietri conducted the first winter-term study abroad trip for UMCP in 1997 as Director of College Park Scholars International Studies.  For her service to the university and the State of Maryland, she was named one of Maryland’s Top 100  Women  of 1999Lois Vietri will complete a 30 year teaching career at the University of Maryland College Park in 2010.  La Vie (how she is known to many in Vietnam) plans to continue her adventures in East Asia rather than a career in music.