Day 5 – High Tech Park & Intel

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After commencing our day with the buffet style breakfast we have been lavishly enjoying during our stay, we took a bus to Saigon Hi-Tech Park. As the virtual umbrella organization for all of Vietnam’s technological infrastructure, SHTP oversees and facilitates new, international companies who are interested in entering the Vietnamese market. SHTP negotiates contracts for these companies and deals out land leases, a big issue for foreigners. We witnessed their eagerness for American investment during our site visits to both the Saigon High Tech Industrial Park and the Investment and Trade Promotion Center in HCMC. Although both sides want full normalization there are still issues that aggravate political and business relations, such as violations of laws regarding dumping, intellectual property protection, and human rights. 

After the initial visit, we sauntered down the street to Intel where learned an enormous amount about Intel’s company culture, reasons for being in Vietnam and ways of recruitment. While being led around the “clean room,” we encountered vast white walls with colored block letters on individual rooms to claim the rooms nature: words like ‘play’ for the game room, ‘sweat’ for the gym and ‘surf’ for the web room were a few of the mind-tapping displays of art. It is no wonder Intel is growing and thriving with such a unique and intriguing company culture.

We learned that Intel is in Vietnam for the young, forward-looking people; a fact we were introduced to at the U.S. consulate just yesterday. Of course, the first-mover advantage they hope to sustain in Vietnam will also move them ahead in the world market, as well. Intel also has a scholarship program that overtook their original plans to build an American University in Vietnam. After realizing the harsh costs, Intel instead decided upon sending 100 or so students to U.S. schools like PSU (Portland State University) to get a U.S. education and then come back to work with Intel.