Day 6 – Counting our travels

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Not much to report about for today.  In order to beat rush hour, which is a bit earlier in Vietnam since mom and pop shops are abundant and usually open early, we were on the road and moving before 7 a.m.  The only unsure part of the journey was the ferry ride across the river. Because of a recent tragedy involving the crumbling of part of the bridge that killed 15 people, a ferry service took place of the bridge. In addition to the roadblock, Vietnam traffic tends to be a mass of chaos (I know anyone who drives on the beltway or the turnpike might think I’m exaggerating; but until you have seen and been in it, there is no way to explain how perfectly mad it is), so it was important we left room for error in our travels.

Anyway, a pit stop was made at a decadent rest stop along the way. Since we were way ahead of schedule, we took the time to eat lunch under the towering, straw-built hut and use up the last of the dong (Vietnamese money.) While at the airport, we counted the travel shenanigans. Since first arriving at Dulles on Thursday, January 7th; we have made physical contact at an airport 9 different times; visited 6 separate airports; and taken 4 flights. The thought of staying at a hotel for 7 nights has been comforting, to say the least.