Day 7 (Day 1) in Bangkok

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Our first day in Bangkok, Thailand. Before I venture to outdoor descriptions, let me say one thing: what a hotel! After a full day of traveling, the enormous welcoming committee at the Royal Orchid Sheraton greeted us with wonderfully, whipped guava drinks and quietly swooped our luggage up to our rooms. Beyond the exceptional service, the Royal Orchid has 4 separate and unique restaurants (of those I know!) and an entire floor dedicated to a spa. Not to mention a great gym, luxurious pool and captivating view from every room. American excess at its best.

We made four stops today; one at Burapha University, one at Katoen Natie, one at Kimball Electronics, and finally to the Thai seaports. Oh- and of course, lunch.  It was a long day, but we were accompanied by Thai students and we easily exchanged entertainment while trying to learn one another’s language and feelings.  The Burapha University room in which we were welcomed and briefed was reflective of a United Nations meeting grounds. The room was set with individual, curved microphones atop horse-shoe tables, all centered around a bed of flowers and a projector. Between the Burapha students and the American melting pot, we probably had a good handful of the world’s countries, already.

 When we arrived at Hamarej’s Katoen Natie, we were instructed on the importance of supply chain in Thailand. Infrastructure has largely improved, but the Thai know they have a longer way to go and are eager to do so. Katoen Natie plays a number of roles, acting as logistical consultants and implementing value-added services like Fire Squads in the cities. A tour of the cross warehouses and free trade zone was also given. By the time Kimball Electronics led us through their operational activities, our minds were almost at capacity. Luckily, the unavailability of the ports (our supposed 4th destination) ended up being an opportunity in disguise. We were able to see a historical mini-museum built for the King and Queen and interact in and around the building, playing in the logistics game room and snapping photos at every turn. Tomorrow is a split day: some will spend the day riding down the Ayuthaai river and others will venture out into the city Bangkok.