Apr 072016

It’s crazy to think that the internet, the whole network that today’s information age economy depends on, was such a recent development that some of its original founders are still actively working on it. At the Google office in Washington DC, we (as a member of UMD Smith’s mQuest program in partnership with University of Maryland’s Quest) had the opportunity to personally meet with one of these founders.

Vint Cerf was a co-inventor of TCP/IP, one of the core technologies that ties together the vast interconnected global network of computers we know simply as “the internet”.  During his years at the research center DARPA, Vint developed the networking protocols that allowed these early machines to communicate with one another. He later led an engineering team behind the first commercial email system. These days, he’s now a VP at Google, as the Chief Internet Evangelist, as both researcher and advocate for promoting internet adoption and evolution.

After making our way down to Google’s downtown DC office, we had an interesting fireside chat with Vint in the media room, where he elaborated on his experience developing the internet, and his current efforts at Google. There was also ample time for Q & A with audience members within the Quest and mQuest programs. It was a great opportunity to see one of the original pioneers of the internet and get a sense of Google’s efforts today on promoting its adoption.