My Top 5 Experiences at Smith #MBAHustle

Hello Colleagues & Prospective Smith MBA’s,

It has been a while since we’ve connected, but I assure you that my fellow MBA’s and I have been putting in work to take Smith to the next level. Let’s dive right into my top 5 experiences at Smith so far.

1. The People

Smith People

Track 1 of 2 in class!

I am just one in a force of approximately 197 students between the Classes of 2017 and 2018. Every one has their own story, career building strategy, and unique value proposition that makes for interesting and evolving conversations everyday.

We went from a 2-week orientation, to 30+ group projects, to happy hours, to a vibrant culture ready to take on the world after graduation. I won’t lie; there are ups and downs for everyone. However, I appreciate how resilient we are and how we check-in on internships and life outside of our second home at Smith.

2. Case Competitions

IMG_20170401_171942These competitions are where we rigorously apply our knowledge from prior work experience and class to compete with students from other top MBA programs. Thankfully our second years took home 1st place at the US
Chamber of Commerce, and we’ve placed 2nd and 3rd in numerous other competitions.

I recently came back from a case competition at The Ohio State University with three fellow classmates where we placed 2nd out of 10 schools. While there is nothing wrong with 2nd place (cough cough), we learned a lot about how we can take home the cake next time.

3. Smith X Opportunities

No matter what your post-MBA career interest is, Smith has developed programs that will integrate robust business principles with real world business challenges and opportunities. Each program has its perks. The Mayer Fund recently had some members go with faculty to a Yahoo! Finance covered town-hall with Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co. to talk about his 2017 Letter to Shareholders that was released on literally the same day. Any student could receive an honor like this at Smith.


Here are some of the opportunities in which you NEED to get involved:

  • Global Consulting Practicum
  • Mayer Fund
  • New Markets Venture Fund
  • Students Clubs
  • Change the World Consulting Program
  • Career Treks & Mock Interviews

4. Top Notch Faculty

One of my classmates made a bold proposition to two of our highly esteemed faculty to engage in a debate/dialogue regarding public policy, finance, economics, and current state of affairs. This event was held during a happy hour. The intellectual level at which our faculty spoke with each other was perhaps how other debates should be. Either way, ask any MBA you’ve met at Smith and they will tell you about it!


Mike Faulkender & Rachelle Sampson






5. The Grind

Whether you take 12 credits or 18 credits each semester, everyone finds a way to stay productive and engaged at Smith. People who want to deep dive on a subject may tilt their courses toward one subject, where as others are looking to improve the program and get grades at the same darn time. Either way, you can look forward to WORK when you get here. Here is a link to our school instagram for a lot more cool content!

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